In-Home Pet Sitting: All of our visits are personalized to suit the individual needs of your pets.
Dogs require a minimum of two visits per day, while cats and other small animals may only need
one visit per day. We'll visit as many as five times daily if desired. Visits include feeding, fresh
water, treats, litter box maintenance, cleaning up pet messes, dog walks and exercise, playtime,
administering medication, and lots of TLC. We'll also help give your home a "lived-in" look by
bringing in your mail and newspaper, as well as rotating lights, curtains, and blinds. We'll water
plants, take your trash to the curb on garbage day, and fill outdoor bird feeders. Most special
requests can be accomodated.

Mid-Day Dog Walking: You don't have to be on vacation to have a need for our services. We
offer mid-day dog walking services. This allows your dog to get out during your work day for
exercise and relief. We'll come over to walk your dog for you on a daily or as needed basis while
you're at work. Monthly discounts are available.

Daily Dog Walking: We offer a tailor-made daily dog walking program for senior citizens and
those who need daily, long-term walking services seven days a week. Whether you need us
once, twice, three, or four times daily, we will provide dog walking services to meet the needs
and the schedule of both you and your dog. During these visits, we will also feed, give fresh water
and treats, and help with any other needs your dog may have. Monthly discounts are available.

Potty Breaks for Puppies: We'll help your new puppy establish a daily routine that will assist
with housebreaking and/or crate training. We'll come over twice daily while you're at work to give
your puppy those much needed potty breaks. These visits include everything your puppy may
need while under our care, including feeding, cleaning up puppy accidents, walking, assisting
with basic training, giving fresh water, and treats. Once your puppy is completely housebroken,
you'll have the option of choosing our regular mid-day dog walking service. Monthly discounts are

Overnight Pet Sitting: An extension of In-Home Pet Sitting, we'll stay the night in your home with
your pets. This service is ideal for pets who are elderly, in poor health, have separation anxiety
issues, or pets who simply need a little extra attention. We'll stay a minimum of twelve hours
overnight, and if desired, come by for a mid-day visit as well.

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Basic Grooming: To make life a little easier for you and your pets, we also offer bathing and nail
trimming in the comfort of your own home. Bathing services include a bath, ear cleaning, nail
trimming, teeth brushed, anal glands expressed, face and paws trimmed, brushing, perfume
spray (if wanted), thorough clean up of bathing area, and lots of cuddles and care along the way
from an experienced groomer! Prices vary depending on the breed, size, coat, etc., so please
call for pricing. If you only want their nails trimmed, it is $7.00 regardless of the breed.
Shuttle Service: If you need help getting your pet to the vet, groomer or doggy daycare
while you're at work or on vacation, we can help! A vet visit is $36.00 an hour and we
stay with your pet the entire time and settle him/her in once we arrive back at your home.
Grooming and/or doggy daycare pick-up and/or drop off is $18.00 per trip.