Sony, Tivo, Nelson & Trevor (Tinsley not pictured)
I love Cuddles & Care and Diana is the BEST! I am extremely
particular about who cares for my boys, and I trust them implicitly!!!
-Karin Arnold
Sammy (Toozie & Buddy not pictured)
It's one thing to have someone watch your cats
and it's another thing to have somebody care
about your cats. Cuddles & Care is not lying
when they use the word "care". Their staff has
come into my home and made all my pets feel as
loved and as cared for as if I myself were at home.
For years, I traveled with a worry for my cats
well-being. Now I travel worry-free knowing that
my cats are getting all of the love and care that
they would if I were there.
-Eva Marie
Emma (Cosmo, Vincent & Murray
not pictured)
We feel so lucky to have found Cuddles &
Care! The fees are so reasonable, and the
care provided is unparalleled! We feel at ease
going out of town, since we know that Emma,
Vincent, Murray, and Cosmo can stay in the
comfort of their home and enjoy loving
attention from the Cuddles & Care staff.
-Jon & Tanya Wagner
Zibbi & Halle
We really enjoy our mid-day visits from Cuddles
and Care. Kathy takes us for walks every day.
After our daily walk, Halle and I - and our two
feline brothers and feline sister - enjoy some
cuddles and a snack. Our mom and dad really
enjoy the peace of mind that having Cuddles and
Care come see us brings them. They also enjoy
the daily notes that tell them what we did all day.
Thank you for taking such good care of us!
-Zibbi & Halle
(and Oreo, Mousse & Oliver - not pictured)
-- on behalf of their mom and dad - Anne & Jerry
Our Clients
Cuddles & Care Pet Sitting, LLC.
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I just wanted to take a moment to let you
know how happy Mike and I are that we found
Cuddles and Care. As you well know by now,
as a charter flight attendant, my schedule is
extremely hectic and sporatic. We appreciate
how flexible you and Katie have been with all
the last-minute changes we make. Katie is
wonderful, and Bentley loves her, no doubt.
It's such a relief to know my baby is in good
hands when I'm so far away! Thank you!
We are so happy with the professional
staff and service with Cuddles and Care!
They have been very accommodating and
flexible as our schedule changes weekly.
Marley absolutely adores Colleen, and we
have piece of mind knowing that she really
does care. Thank you!!
~Nena and Kevin

Enzo, Bentley, & Monte (at left)
Diana & Mary Anne are wonderful! Two
weeks is the longest time we've been
away from our boys, and we felt
comfortable the entire time. Diana and
Mary Anne's communication was
everything we asked for and
absolutely fantastic! We looked
forward to their morning and afternoon
emails/texts which consistently arrived
and made us laugh and feel
comfortable that everyone was content
and having a good time. The photo
album Diana adds to each time we are
away is a joy to see when we get home,
and we look forward to reading Mary
Anne's thoughtful comments about the
antics of our three precious boys.
When I texted Diana about our flight
being later than expected, she
volunteered to come later than planned
so they would not be alone for too
long. Very thoughtful! We are
extremely happy with Cuddles & Care
and want to thank you for making our
love of travel worry-free.
-Cathy & Gordon
Golde, Lily, Emma, & Chelsea (above)
Chelsea & Golde have been cared for by the wonderful Cuddles & Care crew for many
years, and it has always been a relief for me to be able to comfortably leave them in their
own home and know they will be loved, have opportunities to play, and will have their
routines of meals and cleanliness uninterrupted. Colleen and Mary Anne leave
wonderful notes, and even bring presents!
Katie just stayed overnight for the first time with the kitties, and also with our two
Cavaliers, Emma and Lily. I had taken the dogs to a very nice kennel before, but could
tell it was too much for them. Emma has epilepsy, and she needs more personal care
than the kennel can provide. Katie was wonderful, and gave Emma her medication twice
a day and kept her routine. I had peace of mind while we were away, and when we
returned all four pets were calm and happy. It's not just care that is given to cats and
dogs, but love and compassion. I couldn't speak more highly of Jaime and her staff.
-Paige & Bob

Visit Us On
I found Cuddles & Care online almost
two years ago. We are pretty frequent
flyers, so I was initially just relieved I had
found someone who would come to our
house and care for Ella and Reyna while
we were away. I could not have been
more pleased when I met Diana, and I felt
completely comfortable leaving our two
cats and our home in her care. We
always enjoy getting pictures while we're
away and reading Diana's daily notes
when we return home. Cuddles & Care
has been a blessing and really takes the
worry out of leaving our girls behind!
-Julianne & Brennan
Whenever we travel, Cuddles & Care
provides overnight pet care services for
Tessa & Tyber. Debbie gives them so
much love and attention that they never
miss us at all. We know they're in good
hands, which makes it much easier to
enjoy a nice, worry-free vacation. And the
house is spotless when we return!
-Jeff and Della Homenik
I feel very fortunate to have found Diana to
help care for my pets while I'm away. I
work long hours during the week and have
piece of mind knowing I have a trusted
professional that comes to visit everyday.
All my pets adore her and love the
attention they receive when she visits.
Diana has gone above and beyond for my
pet family many times and I would
recommend Cuddles & Care to anyone
that is looking for a safe and caring
-Rachel Enochs
The service our little dogs Max
and Bailey receive is great! We
know they are well taken care of
and in good hands. We enjoy
reading Tom's daily note about
his visit! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
-Cliff and Toni Miller
I have been using Cuddles & Care for
over 8 years. Words cannot describe
my complete satisfaction. Ritzy loves
all her friends from Cuddles & Care;
she gets the best pets, hugs, and
cuddles. Thank you for "really" loving
my baby!
-Rose Mary Hovan
Tessa & Tyber
Ella & Reyna
Max & Bailey
Bailee & Ginger

Cuddles & Care is great! I have been using the
service for years. When I have to travel and they
are taking care of my dog, Ruby, I am never
worried. They always do a great job. They go
over and above what is called for to make sure
Ruby is enjoying her time with them. Fran walks
Ruby a couple days a week. When Fran was new,
she went out of her way to get to know Ruby and
how I handled her. She even came over on her
day off to go for a walk with us. I got Ruby from a
rescue and she is very scared of people she
doesn't know. However, due to the extra time
Fran spent with Ruby, it was the fastest I ever saw
Ruby get comfortable with someone new. You
can really tell that Fran loves pets. I always
recommend Cuddles & Care to anyone looking
for someone to take care of their pets. They will
treat your pet like it is their own.
~Donna Schmidt